Object Explorations


Object Explorations

upcycling + repurposing

I have always been intrigued by the relationship between objects and spaces; how certain objects can shift the narrative of the space, and vice versa. So, I’ve started making things that respond to these narratives.


001. EARRING organizer

My earrings used to be housed in a small box on my dresser, which was effective for storage and traveling, but not for organization. It was difficult to choose a pair to wear because I couldn’t easily see all of the options, and it was difficult to find both items of the pair without taking all of the earrings out of the box and sorting them.

I found a piece of driftwood and, at first, was going to put it in my room as a decorative item. But then I realized that I could hammer nails into it and add functionality; I could turn it into a hanging earring display. Not only did this save valuable counter space, but it also effectively displayed and organized all of my options.


(In progress)